Recruitment and Mentoring Practices Help Juniper Cultivate Strong Women in Leadership Roles (Part 1 of 5)

Author Andy Smith | Juniper Women in Leadership Series: Part One of Five While they’ve have made great strides in the workplace over the past few decades, the number of women in corporate America with “President,” “CEO,” “COO,” “CFO,” “SVP” and other prestigious acronyms after their names remains comparatively small, even in fields like senior […]

We’re Innapropriate for Our Age!

While this is not a letter from Lynne, it is a wonderful interview with Lynne! On October 29, our own Lynne Katzmann (pictured above dressed for Halloween), was interviewed by Adrienne Berg, host of Generation Bold Radio.  If you don’t have Generation Bold Radio playing in your AM/FM market, it is a lively, dynamic program […]