Bucks Resident Gets 99th Birthday Celebration Despite Quarantine

Associates at Juniper Village at Bucks County got together recently to make sure a Coronavirus quarantine didn’t take all the joy out of a resident’s 99th birthday. Joseph Freeman turned 99 on Sept. 3. Unfortunately, he was under quarantine precautions for a few days when it rolled around. But the Bucks team made it a […]

Bucks County Community Enjoys a Celebration of Well-being

Over the last several months, community members at Juniper Village at Bucks County have provided valuable insight on well-being and their goals for a more active lifestyle. In response to that feedback, Juniper was excited to launch a new well-being center at the Bucks community today! The day was a celebration of wellness. Events kicked […]

Celebrating 100 Years! Happy Birthday Madeline Winegrad!!

On Saturday, August 8th we helped to celebrate Madeline Winegrad’s 100th birthday, with the help and love of her family. We at Juniper Village did our best to make sure that they would be able to spend the time well, while managing to keep social distancing in an outside patio area, by the News Room […]

An Unexpected Treat from our Girl Scouts

Did someone say Girl Scout cookies?!?! A big thank you to Girl Scout Troop #2676 who took the time to brighten the day for residents and associates at Juniper Village at Bucks County by delivering amazing gifts.  Bath bombs, Girl Scout cookies and a summer coloring activity were the treat of the day for the […]

A 90th Birthday That Will Be Remembered Forever!

When people reflect back on the happenings of 2020, Rita Nawalinski might remember things a little more optimistically than some of us. Rita celebrated her 90th birthday with a well orchestrated a parade of decorated cars beeping their horns in front of her Juniper Village at Bucks County home. Rita watched the procession from her […]

Birthday Parade at Juniper Village at Bucks County

Birthdays are always something special but when a parade is thrown in your honor, that takes the cake! Social isolation is changing the way we celebrate, but staying connected is still possible and for some even better than it was in the past. Today, April 21st, Sonya Claybourne of Juniper Village at Bucks County celebrated […]