Safer Together

We’re staying safer together at Juniper Village at Mount Joy. Residents and families have waited patiently to once again be safely in one another’s company. Virtual and window visits have certainly been a blessing but there’s nothing like sensing the loving energy of your family’s physical presence. Following CDC guidelines, utilizing appropriate PPE and practicing […]

Calmer with Creativity and Color

It is estimated that the average person can have up to 60,000 thoughts per day. Creative activities such as music, art, writing and crafting have been shown to help focus the mind, creating a calming effect on the brain and body, similar to that of meditation. Engaging in creative activities releases dopamine, a natural anti-depressant […]

Drumming Up Good Feelings

Group drumming provides an opportunity to connect with others, alleviating feelings of isolation. This ancient approach to healing uses rhythm to create feelings of well-being. It is known to induce deep relaxation, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress. This week at Juniper Village at Mount Joy we took to the halls, drumsticks in hand and […]

All-American Fourth of July Celebration!

Juniper Village at Mount Joy kicked off the holiday weekend right on Friday with sweet treats of strawberry shortcake and chocolate crunch ice cream delivered door to door. YUM! Stars and stripes decorated the cart and associates as our Connections team dished up the patriotic spirit! On Saturday our dining team prepared a meal of […]