Crafting Zen Spaces at Juniper Village at Mount Joy

Today we took a moment to be still. Today we took a breath. We listened to waves lapping at the shore. We gazed upon the  beautiful scene of a warm, summers day in the tropics. We poured and raked sand. We carefully placed and arranged chosen figures, creating our very own tranquil space. These Zen […]

You Can’t Mask Our Sparkle!

Our smiles might be hidden behind masks these days but our creativity and fun-loving attitudes are shining through at Juniper Village at Mount Joy! Bright colors and unique patterns adorn our masks, many of which were donated by long-time friend of Juniper, former Wellness Associate, Stephanie McVey. Others were donated by family members and friends […]

Serving Up Happiness with a Cherry on Top

They say ice cream makes everything better. We put that theory to the test last week by serving up ice cream and waffles as a sweet treat. Strawberries, caramel and hot fudge, sprinkles and whipped cream made for a great selection of toppings. Everyone enjoyed the indulgence, and one resident even said it reminded her […]