You’ve heard of cooking and you’ve heard of technology. When you combine the two together you get something truly delicious! On July 23rd, the aroma of sautéed peppers, onions, spinach and various other vegetables filled the Gallery at Juniper Village Williamstown.  As Chef Raymond Richardson presented his techniques to our residents, technology enabled others from […]

The Williamstown Community Pays Tribute to One of its Heroes!

On June 21st, the Williamstown, New Jersey township payed tribute to one of our heroes in a unique and truly memorable way. On that day, Juniper Village at Williamstown resident Sam Spera celebrated his 97th birthday. Mr. Spera served Williamstown over a period of 26 years as a police officer and later as Chief of […]

Well-Deserved Honors

Staff recognition, education, opportunity and empowerment through programs such as our monthly Hero awards, annual Giraffe awards and signature programs such as The Juniper Experience, Juniper University and R.E.S.P.E.C.T are important Juniper hallmarks. On June 17, 2020, coworkers honored Joanne Thomson of the Wellspring community with a Hero award for her outstanding job performance.  Kim […]

Staying Creative During a Pandemic

Residents of Juniper Village at Williamstown continue to create beautiful art through individualized art therapy classes with a bit of a twist! Terry Rosiak, our Art Therapist, now provides instructions through virtual classes. As before Terry demonstrates step by step instructions and instant feedback as everyone is creating their masterpieces. A great sense of accomplishment […]

Another Special Mother’s Day

During this time of quarantine it was necessary to alter our annual Mother’s Day celebrations. The Juniper Village at Williamstown Connections staff came up with a very innovative idea. They sent requests to all residents’ families for photos and videos of their loved one. The response was overwhelming and the team quickly arranged to have […]

Sharing Hope and Love

The members of Stagecoach Road Christian Fellowship Church engaged in prayer, song and uplifting messages through virtual technology to the residents of Juniper Village at Williamstown. During this time of social distancing we are staying connected with our community members in new ways. While the church members actively participated from our parking lot area, our […]

Hallway Bingo

Social distancing will not stop our residents from enjoying daily activities!  Juniper Village at Williamstown has adapted their bingo games as well as other social events by customizing many of the activities to hallway locations.  Speakers and microphones make the adaption easy to perform.  Our residents are enjoying keeping active and staying connected!