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Juniper’s long-standing mission has been to nurture the spirit of life. During these times, we’ve been especially conscientious about providing an atmosphere where people are not only safe, but also happy. Managing these two priorities can be a challenge on the surface, but with a bit of creative thinking and flexibility, we continue to move forward!

One of the ways we’ve recently innovated our resident experience at Juniper Village at Brookline has been with our dining program. In the early days of COVID, group dining was put on pause as we followed the most extensive safety guidelines for our industry. While Juniper residents enjoyed the convenience and safety of room-service dining, over time they began to miss the camaraderie of meals with their friends.

When the safety guidelines allowed, we transitioned to small-group dining. Dining once again became a shared experience! However, it presented the caveat that residents maintain a safe distance of six feet from one another.

Seeking a pathway for dining to be a safe, shared, and social experience, Juniper Village at Brookline took efforts a step further by installing safe Plexiglas shields at each table. This allows meals to be enjoyed with the company and conversation of a table-mate, while keeping safety in the forefront.

The community response has been tremendous! Juniper residents Don Boller and Norma Flanagan (pictured) were all smiles as they joked with one another across the table. Another Juniper resident, Joan Baisley, said, “I think this is a really good thing. It’s great to be able to enjoy each other’s company. It’s good to be moving forward!”

Though the COVID pandemic has presented many uncertainties for our world, what has remained constant is Juniper’s commitment to innovating, adapting, and discovering new ways of doing things in order to keep each resident safe and happy.

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