Difference Between Personal Care Home & Skilled Nursing Community

A nurse talking to one of the the community members in a skilled nursing community.

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Moving to a senior living community can be an excellent way for older adults to spend their golden years. It gives your loved one a home-like environment where they can get the care they deserve from a team of experienced caregivers. But it isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for every adult! There are plenty of options so your loved one can live somewhere that truly suits their needs.

In a personal care home, older adults can get help with some daily tasks—like bathing, dressing, or managing their medication—while staying independent. Meanwhile, your loved one can receive around-the-clock care in skilled nursing for any ongoing medical conditions.

What Is a Personal Care Home?

A group of happy seniors eating lunch together.

A personal care home is a specialized kind of living for older adults. In this type of care, your loved one stays independent and lives in a home in the community. They can decorate and live as they see fit and get care for specific problems in their day-to-day life. The teams in these communities offer support for tasks including:

  • Managing medication
  • Dining
  • Housekeeping
  • Bathing
  • Dressing

The communities also offer various programs, classes, and events to keep things interesting and help community members pursue their hobbies and passions. The goal is to provide a comfortable, homely environment where older adults can enjoy their time with the support they need—while keeping their independence!

Who Should Consider a Personal Care Home?

A personal care home can be ideal for older adults who want to stay independent but need a hand here and there throughout their day. Every adult in these communities gets a customized care plan to address their unique needs.

So whether they need a hand tidying their home or are having difficulty managing their medication, a personal care home offers a way to get your loved one exactly what they need to feel loved, nurtured, and cared for. It balances the focus between independence and care!

What Is Skilled Nursing?

Meanwhile, skilled nursing communities are designed for adults who need a higher level of medical care. While these communities still promote independence, they also offer around-the-clock medical assistance from a team of trained caregivers. So, if your loved one has a medical condition affecting their daily life, skilled nursing gives 24/7 access to advanced medical support.

Every community member still gets their own home and the help they deserve with their daily needs, but these communities focus more on the medical side of things. The communities also offer access to physical, emotional, and speech therapy, so every person there has access to the resources they need!

Who Is Skilled Nursing For?

Skilled nursing is ideal for older adults who don’t want to live alone anymore but need medical support from a team of trained caregivers. It’s well-suited for people who:

  • Require round-the-clock medical supervision
  • Are recovering from surgery or illness
  • Have complex medical conditions that need regular attention

So, if your loved one requires more advanced medical support to enjoy their golden years, skilled nursing may be the way to go.

Key Differences Between Personal Care Homes & Skilled Nursing Communities

Both a personal care home and skilled nursing offer a higher level of care and support. They’re both excellent options for older adults who need a hand, but some key differences exist.

The Level of Care

Personal care homes are designed for older adults who want to remain independent but still need help with their daily tasks. Meanwhile, skilled nursing offers in-depth, comprehensive medical care and focuses on helping every person there stay healthy.

The Focus on Independence

Personal care homes focus on prioritizing independence. The communities are designed to support older adults when needed while encouraging independence and autonomy. Meanwhile, skilled nursing involves more hands-on advanced care for medical conditions.

Available Medical Care

In a personal care home, every person has access to a certain degree of medical care. Community members have access to therapy options and an on-site medical consultant. Meanwhile, skilled nursing has a team of trained and licensed medical professionals to offer a more advanced form of medical care.

How to Choose a Senior Living Community

If you’re trying to determine which community to choose, it can help to determine what type of care your loved one wants. If they want to remain independent while still getting some care, a personal care home may be the way to go. And if they would prefer access to more advanced medical care, consider trying skilled nursing.Either way, our team at Juniper Village in Meadville is here to guide you through the process. Our team is committed to improving this world and giving every older adult a personalized experience. We’re here to nurture your loved one, so contact us today for a tour!

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