Your Well-Being

Your well-being means convenient coordinated care in your home. Integrated senior care in senior housing means better outcomes and potential savings on Medicare costs. At Juniper, we’re bringing healthcare services on-site to our communities so you can better manage your health while we nurture your spirit!

Because your third act should be as healthy and happy as possible!  Learn how our innovative Connect4Life signature program can help you do just that.

Pioneers of Integrated Senior Care | Juniper Village

Pioneering New Models of Integrated Senior Care

At Juniper Village, we’re doing all we can to nurture and empower without contributing to rising healthcare costs.

The Juniper Approach to Integrated Senior Care

Medical professional standing in on-site medical office - integrated senior care at juniper village

High Tech, High Touch

Integration with connected services and electronic health records (EHR) makes it easy to transfer clinical information and communication.

Resident receiving medical care at Juniper Village

Access to Medical Services

On-site services like primary care, pharmacy, therapy-driven wellness programming and labs help reduce the cost of emergency visits.

Real Juniper associate answering resident calls at Juniper Village

Medical Concierge

Real professionals are standing by to help facilitate access to related services provided through strategic partnerships and alliances.

Juniper residents’ hospitalization rate is 50% lower than a similar Medicare population.

Connect4Life Testimonial, Integrated Senior care at Juniper

“Before coming to Juniper, my mom was constantly in and out of the emergency room. Because I work during the day and she didn’t want to bother me, she would call 911 every time something slightly out of the ordinary occurred…

Since coming to Juniper a year ago, she has not been to the emergency room once. She is able to notify the staff and see the primary care provider right there at the community. I cannot tell you how much stress and worry this has taken off my back. And mom seems so much more relaxed, too. What a relief for both of us!”

Jan W. and her mother, Alice D.