5 Reasons You’ll Love Life in an Assisted Living Community

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According to the National Center for Assisted Living, over 811,000 Americans live in senior assisted living communities. There are about 29,000 assisted living communities spread throughout the US alone. 

As the second wave of the Baby Boom generation nears the retirement age, many people have wondered about senior living options. Options vary widely depending on needs and desires. This article will highlight one option: assisted living communities.

Read this guide on assisted living communities to learn the reasons you or your aging parent will love living there! 

1. Retain Independence In Safe Environment

One of the main reasons people push back against retirement communities is that they want to maintain their independence. The best assisted living communities provide an environment for all residents to remain independent while having safeguards in place.

In assisted living communities, your schedule is your own to make, however, should you need assistance, there is always staff or a team of skilled caregivers around to help. Additionally, there are security features in place so you won’t have to worry about the safety of your loved one.

2. Enjoy Low Maintenance Living

It turns out that laundry still piles up and grass still grows even after you retire. One of the benefits of assisted living communities is that you don’t have to manage things like that anymore.  Chores, housekeeping, and some linen services are included.  No more grocery shopping, meal prepping, and planning.  It’s all done for you, restaurant-style.

If you want to take a last-minute road trip, or stay with family for the holidays, you can go knowing that everything is under control in your absence.  No mail to stop, you won’t have to ask the neighbors to pick up your newspaper or keep an eye on your place.  It’s a worry-free lifestyle. 

3. Access Upscale Amenities

Does your current home have a game room, library, beauty parlor, theater room, and fitness center? Many senior assisted living communities offer these amenities and more: 

4. Join The Vibrant Social Scene

Making friends at any age is hard. However, many older adults find making friends even harder. At an assisted living community, you live right in the middle of the social scene. Many communities offer a variety of social settings like:
If there’s an activity you’re interested in, chances are there will get other people living around you who are interested as well.

5. Keep In Shape

Finally, assisted living communities offer the opportunity to stay in shape. The longer you can stay active, the longer you can stay independent and prevent accidents like falls. 

With the variety of activities offered, there’s sure to be a class or group that appeals to you. Whether it’s yoga, a gym with free weights, or even walking groups, you can find the scene that’s right for you. 

Senior Assisted Living Communities: A Haven And A Home

As you take control of The Third Act of your life, you can find a place to thrive. Senior assisted living communities offer the chance to find a haven and a home. 

With locations across the nation, Juniper Communities offer these benefits and more. Contact us today to learn more and find the perfect community near you. 

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