When Is It Time To Consider a Senior Living Community?

When Is It Time To Consider a Senior Living Community?

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Is it time for you to consider the benefits of a senior living community for your loved one? Are you most concerned whether they will be in good care, hopefully even better than the care you provide? 

Moving is stressful, in fact, one of the top ten most stressful times in your life.  The uncertainty of allowing someone else to care for your loved one along with moving them from their regular surroundings can be even more stressful.

Let us ease your concerns and offer some guidance at the same time. You may also find some information to help you assess if your loved one needs the aid and safety of an assisted living/senior living community. Read on to learn more.

1. Their Health Is Declining Rapidly

It’s possible that your loved one is currently okay in their living situation, but is their health declining? 

Ask yourself, are accidents, injuries, and/or hospitalizations becoming more frequent? Are symptoms worsening, requiring more time and effort for care? 

These warning signs indicate that your loved one will soon need more assistance more often. Thus, it’s very important you look into senior living communities now before it is too late and their condition becomes unmanageable and you are forced to make a decision in a crisis.

2. Their Memory Is Waning Rapidly

The same principle is even more important when the mental health of your loved one is rapidly declining. For example, conditions of dementia and Alzheimer’s can get worse quickly and if left undiagnosed, can be extremely dangerous if your loved one isn’t cared for properly. 

In this instance, they need specialized assistance from a memory care community. To reiterate, it’s not safe for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia to live unsupervised and without professionally trained care.

3. They’re Unable to Care For Themselves

Have you noticed a decline in your loved one’s level of self-care? For example, it might appear that they don’t brush their teeth, style their hair, change their clothes, take their medications correctly, or bathe.

It might be possible they are unable to perform these tasks. Gently approach them about this matter and find out if this is the case. If it is, this is an indication to start looking right away for a senior care community in your area that will provide the support, care, and services needed. 

4. They’re Unwilling to Care For Themselves

On the other hand, they may be ungroomed because they no longer care. This is a telltale sign of depression, which can be even more dangerous for seniors than it is for other age groups.

Fortunately, senior living communities do more than provide for physical needs. They also offer a supportive, engaging, socially active environment that fosters mental and emotional health as well.

5. They Spend Too Much Time Alone

Besides the decline of health and abilities, the number one cause of senior depression is isolation. Does your loved one spend most of their time alone?

Do they rarely engage with friends, family, or social activity of any kind? This type of social withdrawal will eventually lead to depression. 

Furthermore, it’s dangerous for seniors to be alone all the time. If they are injured or wander off, for instance, this could be even more critical.

6. You Can’t Care For Them and Yourself

Perhaps you’ve already started assisting your loved one when needed. They might even be living with you.  If so, there will come a time when this solution is no longer beneficial.  Some of the most common reasons might be: 

No Time 

As your loved one’s condition worsens, they require more help with daily tasks and more trips to the hospital. But you have obligations of your own, a job, other family members, etc. that make time management a strain. 

Even if you don’t have a job to go to, you still have to take care of your home, car, and health. If you are finding it hard to keep these commitments while providing care, seek the help of an assisted living community.

No Energy

Furthermore, having time isn’t the only issue. It’s likely that this situation will become too stressful and exhausting for you to handle.


Increasing trips to the hospital become increasingly expensive. You may find that an assisted living community is a more affordable option.

What About the Future?

Most importantly, you shouldn’t wait until you’re out of time, energy, and money to look for another solution. Circumvent the situation by exploring assisted living or memory care senior living communities now.

7. They Don’t Have Any Help Yet

On the other hand, maybe your loved one isn’t receiving care from you or anyone else. If this is the case, and you notice the other warning signs mentioned, it would be best to inquire and research what type of care is needed and the best suited senior living community in your area.

8. Their Doctor Says It’s Time

Furthermore, you needn’t rely only on our advice. If your loved one’s doctor recommends you seek proper care for your loved one, you should take that advice and start exploring options as soon as possible. 

9. Objections Can Be Addressed

There are senior living communities that can provide the care your loved one needs now as well as all levels of care when more care is needed.  Ask about all levels of care provided when you research available senior living communities near you. 

Ask about activities available in the senior living communities near you. You need to be content knowing your loved one will not be lonely. In most cases, they will feel more comfortable as they will be surrounded by peers and have the opportunity to participate in activities and outings. Oftentimes, they will have more options for activity than what they currently see on a daily basis. 

If you still have questions or doubts, just ask about them. Contact us here so we can answer your concerns directly.

Does Your Loved One Need a Senior Living Community?

Is it time for your mom or dad or loved family member to move to a senior living community? If so, look into senior living communities near you right away. And please share this guide with anyone you know who may benefit from it.

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