Senior Campus Living

We all want a good life, our best life at any age.  We want to continue writing and directing our life story at any age. Our senior campus living choices offers you the flexibility you deserve.

But what makes for a good life?  The longest running study of human well-being (Harvard University Harvard Grant Study, 1939 – present) reveals that good relationships with people keep us happy and healthy. View these senior campus living communities to see if they can be a viable option for you.

Being connected with others is the ultimate key for senior campus living.  And at Juniper, we agree.  We believe that maintaining an active body, engaged mind, and a fulfilled spirit will mean we all can live our best life! Discover senior campus living at Juniper!

Senior Campus Living Together

Senior campus living is just what it sounds like: all of the potential levels of support situated together on one campus.

Typically this means a move to independent living with all of the opportunities that brings – but with the “safety net” of rehabilitation and skilled nursing stays, assisted living, and even memory care on one campus.

outdoor yoga at juniper's senior campus living communities.
senior campus living at juniper village enjoying the outdoors

Senior campus living offers all of the benefits of independent living – vibrant living options, connections programming that offers everything from painting classes to happy hour, a sense of community and relationships, plus more!  Surround yourself with others who are actively, creatively and intellectually involved in life…

And continue those relationships even if you need to make a move to higher level of care!

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Don’t let money come between you and your future!

Many senior campus living communities offer a variety of financial options which enable you to choose the plan that best suits your needs. Choose from our two different Rental Model plans or a Type C Fee for Service Contract.

Financing Your Future at Juniper Communities

Rental Model I:  Our first rental model offers a month to month lease, with an initial upfront community fee and market rate monthly rental fees. Any needs for higher levels of care would be paid for at the market rate and subject to availability at that particular community. A great first step to try the independent living lifestyle!

Rental Model II: Our second rental model offers a one-year lease, with a lower upfront community fee and marketing rate monthly rental fees.  Any needs for higher levels of care would be paid for at the market rate and subject to availability at that particular community.  A great first step to try the independent living lifestyle!

Type C, Fee for Service Contract: Provides balanced approach between risk and initial entrance fee cost.  Receive housing, amenities and services, including access to higher levels of care.  Cost of initial apartment home is below market rate and fixed. Higher levels of care are available as needed at a higher monthly rate.