Independent Senior Living

Active adult communities. Retirement living. Places we go to live out our dreams of our second or third act. An independent senior living community is often the perfect option for active, engaged seniors.

An independent senior living community may be a multi-unit community with apartment style living. Others may be cottages dotted across a campus or townhouse style row homes. There are as many definitions as there are different communities.

But there is only one that truly focuses on your independence and vibrant living: Juniper.

The Juniper Difference for Independent Senior Living

At Juniper, we’re active and involved! We’re living longer, healthier lives and enjoying greater prosperity than any previous generation. Improved medical care, public health advances, increased health awareness and smoking cessation have all contributed.

Most of us are no more focused on getting old or dying than younger people. Instead, we share many of the same hopes and dreams, ambitions and desires of people half our age — but from a unique perspective — one that arises from the wisdom gained by experience.

Surround yourself with others who are actively and creatively involved in life. Know a safety net is available for independent senior living when needed with access to great support services like meals, housekeeping, social activities and transportation to keep you living your life in the third act.

Independent Senior Living Creative Artist at Work

Get active, creative and involved in life!

Most of us are retired but we’re not just playing shuffleboard, golfing or vegging out in front of a TV. Many of us have started second careers and are going into business for ourselves. Others are signing up at colleges and universities by the tens of thousands.

We’re finding fulfillment by helping others and living our dreams.

Choose your passion and path…

Live your dreams and nourish your spirits and enjoy something new each day with independent senior living!

  • Learn to paint with watercolors on Monday
  • Take a hot yoga class on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Meditate on Wednesday
  • And learn a new language at our cantina happy hour on Friday!nd

Your future is a blank scroll…

Now is the time to make your mark on life. Don’t miss the chance to direct your third act!