Juniper Spirit Shines Through Tina Garloff’s Cooking

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Meet Juniper Village at Lebanon cook Tina Garloff, who embodies how the Juniper Spirit shines through in our H’art and Soul of Dining Signature Program. It wasn’t a special day, but Tina created this wonderful breakfast for us: eggs benedict, homemade banana bread, and fresh fruit! And that was just one of the menu options! Other choices were scrambled eggs, cereal, raisin toast… the list was endless! Because this is the type of food that our dining department offers routinely, we sometimes forget just how remarkable the menu options are and the thoughtfulness that goes into each meal.

In addition to her baking expertise, Tina is also famous for her peanut butter Easter eggs, which are out of this world! She has worked in the kitchen at Juniper Village at Lebanon for eight years, with the last two years as cook. Prior to that she worked for over nine years in a variety of positions in the healthcare field. Tina embodies how the Juniper Spirit Shines, and it shows in her wonderful creations in the kitchen. We are so glad to have her as part of our team!

For more information about Life in the Third Act at Juniper Village at Lebanon, call Christine at 717.272.8782.

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