Signature Programs

Our distinct model for excellence in senior living at Juniper Communities

Juniper has spent years looking at the issue of providing high quality care and service. Our research showed that key factors in customers’ perception of quality were the ability to manage their own health, friendliness of staff, and opportunity to self-direct their life. It also showed that understanding the unique spirit in each individual was the key to fostering quality of life. It is out of this understanding that our Signature Programs were created.

Our senior living signature programs enable us to “walk our talk”.   They are our family customs, the things we all do the same way and for which people identify us. By using these programs diligently at each community, we are able to provide distinctive and highly identifiable services that reinforce Juniper’s model for excellence in care.

Our senior living signature programs provide the back-drop for you to live a healthy and independent life regardless of age or challenge.

Signature Programs that Innovate - road trips for seniors

Programs that Innovate to Nurture Quality of Life

  • Connect4Life
  • Catalyst
  • ConnectionsSM
  • Wellspring
  • Pride in Practice and Performance

Programs that Nurture and Support our People

  • Juniper University
  • emPOWER
Signature programs that achieve happiness, caregiver and senior talking and sharing
Signature programs at Juniper include great menu selections and service - chef serving seniors a sampler

Programs for Healthy and Homelike Environments

  • H’Art and Soul of Dining
  • First Impressions
  • Green CanopySM