Junipers Response to COVID-19

At Juniper, we are taking a proactive, timely, and innovative approach to the COVID-19 challenge.  We are working together with all regulatory agencies, families, residents, and providers to provide a safe and nurturing environment.  Please check here frequently for updates on Juniper’s response to this evolving situation. 

combating Covid-19 infographic

Combating Covid-19

Combating COVID-19 At Juniper, we recognized early on that COVID-19 would pose a never-before-seen challenge to our communities.  In late February, we began to prepare. 

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We Need Rapid Testing

The Need for Rapid Testing Letter from Lynne New research, this time from Iceland, an isolated country of 365,000 individuals where widespread testing was implemented,

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Covid-What is Juniper Doing

What is Juniper Doing

What is Juniper Doing? Since the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Juniper has taken significant measures to reduce the risk for infection in our communities. 

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Remember to Breathe

Letters From Lynne I don’t know about you but my anxiety grows by the day. The US has now surpassed China in total number of

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Act Now!

Letters From Lynne Politics have no place in a real nationwide crisis. Nor does hiding the truth or making decisions that make the truth of

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Fact or Fiction?

Letters From Lynne Fact or Fiction? The situation with regard to COVID-19 is evolving so rapidly, it is hard to keep track of the latest

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Today’s Lemonade!

Letters From Lynne We have poured today’s lemonade into a very special package! It comes complete with a huge amount of care and connection! There

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