Our Teams are Everyday Heroes!

Letters From Lynne

Can you imagine going to work not knowing what you might find and then going home to yet more uncertainty in the world? Health Care Personnel or HCP as the CDC has dubbed them are great individuals who have a passion for what they do. They care deeply for others and work diligently to protect and promote health so that each person can live as fully and as well as possible.

In the last three weeks, so much has changed—for all of us. The changes we have seen in the past two weeks were almost unimaginable previously: sheltering in place, closing all schools, and shuttering all entertainment like restaurants and movie theaters, asking everyone to limit even their visits to the outdoors. It is a great wake up call. Life and the world we know is more unsure, more tenuous than we thought.

At Juniper, we are fortunate that we do not have any residents with COVID-19 as of this writing. We hope and pray that continues. This uncertainty adds to the challenges that our teams face every day. 

However that uncertainty and the fact that it is ubiquitous—affecting the entire world over—gives us the chance to rethink our commitments to each other and recognize the everyday heroes among us. Our associates are those heroes! They selflessly do the many little things that keep our residents engaged in life and feeling the special touch of a human being who cares and is open-hearted. They come in every day in snow, in extreme heat, and now even in the face of a global pandemic. They are the real heroes. My gratitude and appreciation for every one of our team members is boundless.