World Vegetarian Day

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Residents at Juniper Village of Mount Joy gathered in the activities room to observe World Vegetarian Day on October 1, 2019.

Residents began with an art project which involved collecting various leaves, placing them between sheets of white paper, and then rubbing crayons over the covered leaves. The results created delightful surprises as leaf images magically appeared on the paper! These leaf rubbing art projects turned out beautifully.

After the leaf rubbing art, more residents joined the group to listen to an article reading which highlighted Herbivore Facts. Residents discussed the trophic  system or the food chain. In this discussion group the definition of an herbivore (animal that eats only plants), versus vegetarian (human who eats only plants), were discussed as well as the difference between a carnivore (meat eating)  and omnivore (plant and meat eating).

Next, residents joined the final group discussing The Modern Movement of  Vegetarianism. In this group, the difference between vegans and vegetarians was discussed. Residents  learned that vegans eat only foods that are from plants as opposed to vegetarians who eat plants and byproducts of animals, such as eggs and dairy, but no meat. Residents learned about the modern vegan movement, why it is rapidly expanding and becoming popular, as well as the motivation of the group. The discussion concluded with residents sharing  what they felt was the best solution for a balanced diet. To top off the day a delicious stir fry station served up fresh vegetarian options in the dining room!

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