Working Together to Give Back

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When it comes to giving back, the little things truly can make a big difference. Just ask Juniper residents Jackie Lebo (pictured) and Janet Mann, who have been collecting soda tabs all summer. No, they’re not saving them for the latest craft project. Rather, they’re working together to give back to the Ronald McDonald House in Hershey.

Jackie and Janet exemplify teamwork. Jackie reminds everyone to save their soda tabs for her. She then makes sure they get passed along to Janet, who processes them for shipment to the Ronald McDonald House. They even inspire Juniper associates to join in the efforts. For instance, Dining Services team member Jessica (pictured) and her daughters saved up hundreds of tabs over the last several months.

The money raised from recycling these tabs will help to house families of children who are in the local Penn State Children’s Hospital. It’s gratifying to know that multiple generations are working together both in the community and at Juniper Village at Lebanon to support this great cause!

At Juniper, we know that giving back is one way we can nurture the spirit of life for ourselves and for others. For more information about life at Juniper Village at Lebanon, call Christine at (717) 272-8782.

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