Trailblazing Women: Cindy Longfellow

trailblazing women Cindy Longfellow

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Trailblazing Women:
In honor of Women’s History Month, we are proud to celebrate Juniper’s role in elevating women to leadership positions, on its highly active board, and mentoring the next generation of trailblazing women leaders. This week’s spotlight is on Cindy Longfellow, Juniper’s Vice President, Business Development, Sales and Marketing for an insider’s perspective into the workplace culture that inspires and supports women to thrive at Juniper.

According to Longfellow, Juniper walks its talk when it comes to recruiting and promoting women. At the Executive Level, five out of seven members of Juniper’s Corporate Leadership Team are women. This is a break from tradition in an industry where women make up the bulk of the lower levels of the hierarchy, but seldom find themselves in the corner office.

“We’re definitely the exception in that we have a large number of trailblazing women at the highest level, and just below that in mid-level positions, including on the tech, financial, clinical and dining support sides of our operations,” Longfellow notes. “I think there’s definitely a deliberateness about that, but also senior living is a really good fit for women leaders. We have this pool of incredible women who we have been fortunate enough to promote up. Typically, in senior living, women make up most of your line staff, but men dominate in corporate leadership. At Juniper, we’ve flipped that on its head.”

Longfellow echoes the sentiments of other trailblazing women in leadership at Juniper — it’s an organization that rewards excellence while understanding there must be room to fail. “I’ve had the opportunity to learn and try to do things that I wouldn’t have been afforded elsewhere,” she says. “So much of what I know about marketing was self-taught. I don’t believe at a more traditional company I would have had the opportunities that I’ve been afforded here, the chance to grow in my role, because I wouldn’t have checked off the boxes on my resume, and that would have held me back, especially in male-dominated industries. Not here.”

Highlights of some of Longfellow’s recent accomplishments include spearheading Juniper’s corporate rebranding with a new logo and website. During the tragic COVID-19 pandemic, she rose to the challenge of leading Juniper’s communications initiatives, tirelessly navigating uncertain waters to proactively respond to the crisis and protect the reputation of Juniper and safeguard its residents and associates.

“Working at a company with incredible women trailblazers and leaders and no glass ceiling has given me the professional experience of a lifetime,” maintains Longfellow. “Having work life balance makes all the difference.”

In her spare time, Longfellow is an avid reader, devouring on average of two books per week. She relishes living in Boulder, CO., and enjoys hiking and climbing in the foothills and mountains every weekend. She counts herself incredibly fortunate to have been married for 33 years to the love of her life, with two children and three grandchildren.

Each week during Women’s History Month, we will feature trailblazing women in leadership who have been instrumental in Juniper’s past and continues to be a driving force today. Follow us to learn about their strengths, passions, and commitment to being a leader.

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