Spearly’s Nugent Family are True Rock Stars!

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Juniper Village, The Spearly Center is celebrating and honoring our Assistant Director of Wellness Keith Nugent. In addition to providing wellness services and a friendly smile to our Spearly residents, Keith is a true Rock Star guy! Along with his son and wife Rachel, the Nugent family donated $ 2,000 toward the residents’ holiday gift project.

The Spearly residents’ holiday gift giving has been a tremendous success for many years as a result of our work with amazing sponsors such DRCOG, Felix Navidad and many others. It truly takes a village to make this wonderful event a success.

Unfortunately this year due to COVID, many of these agencies will not be able to participate. Spearly Administrator Sue Pappas and the team have been brainstorming and researching alternate ways to continue the program, which provides each Spearly residents with gifts from their holiday wish lists. When hearing of this dilemma, the Nugent family stepped up and donated a check for that effort. Thank you so much for saving the day! Your selfless kindness means the world to every single one of us and is an example to be followed, especially during these times of uncertainty.

To learn more about what makes The Spearly Center so special, visit the Third Act blog, or call Katie at 720.504.2616.

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