Programs that Nurture and Support our People

At Juniper, we believe in nurturing spirits and lives by offering programs that reflect our core values both for those who live in our communities and those who work in our communities.

The Juniper Experience

The Juniper Experience is an extension of the Juniper culture and brings the Juniper culture to life by defining community values and behaviors. It is also one of the ways we celebrate our associates who bring these values and behaviors to life and make each community vibrant and life-affirming.

Juniper University

Educating and enriching associates, residents and families through comprehensive life-long learning curriculums. Juniper prides itself on life-long learning and continuing to provide all stakeholders with opportunities to deepen their understanding of the aging process to promote wellbeing.


Fostering associate welfare and spirit through recognition and empowerment centered celebrations and training. This is Juniper’s core program for Associate welfare, development and spirit.  It includes our In Touch training, professional development, internal communications as well as both formal and informal Associate recognition programs.