Nurse Aide Week 2020

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“Nurses dispense comfort, compassion, and caring without even a prescription.” 

Juniper Village at Meadville honored their nurse aides during a week-long celebration during National Nurse Aide Week June 18-24. In addition to lotto tickets, candy, hair ties, a tumbler and hand sanitizer, Director of Wellness, Tina Orr’s mother Ayako Miller made beautiful origami flowers for each of the aides. Tina also placed sticker on the bottom of each tumbler corresponding to an additional surprise gift of beach towels and flip flops. To keep the fun going, Kindred Hospice also also dropped by with a Snack and Go for the staff to enjoy. Thank you to all of our wonderful nurses, your selfless compassion is an inspiration to us all!

Pictured here are Emily Kessler, Taylor Palowski, Sarah Orr, Michelle Neff, Marlane Arnold, Heather Wilcox and Debra Alford.

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