Senior Living Lifestyle at Juniper Communities

Do you remember the lifestyle section of the Sunday newspaper? Or Life & Style magazine? The Senior Living lifestyle pages are a great way to immerse yourself in a way of life before you adopt it as your own. At Juniper, we want you to get excited about Life at Juniper.

We can think of no better way than to give you a sneak peek with the Juniper Lifestyle Pages!

Alive in All Seasons!

“As part of our senior living lifestyle pages, Juniper’s Alive in All Seasons is a whole person wellness program designed to support Juniper’s mission to Nurture the Spirit of Life by encouraging an active body, an engaged mind and a fulfilled spirit.”

Alive in all Seasons! is all about vibrancy, celebration, welcoming each new season, learning, and sharing!

In January, it might be a meet and greet with a hot drink bar on a wintry evening to “Celebrate New Beginnings” with friends old and new.

Come April, we’ll welcome a season of renewal and good health – beginning with “Believe in Yourself” and strengthening of mind and spirit.  Yoga on the lawn is a great way to start!

August should include a huge yard sale and party as we shake off the dog days of summer to “Breathe in Life”, a time to celebrate going green!

In November, we’ll take time to “Cherish the Journey” as we reminisce on our family, friends, and our walk through this world together.  Join in with other communities as we create huge murals and family trees to grace our walls throughout the holiday season.

No matter the season, we do everything with vibrancy and spirit…spiced with a true sense of celebration and camaraderie!

The Juniper Dining Experience

Hand in hand with Alive in All Seasons, we present the Juniper Dining Experience!  Slightly different in every community, it’s always sprinkled with local tastes and filled with variety, festivity, and well, deliciousness!

In addition to our wide selection of daily choices, we are all about parties, events, and seasonal specials. Each month we offer an array of chef’s stations, themed meals, BBQ’s, and…you name it, we do it!

We recognize that food is one of life’s greatest pleasures, no matter your actual or perceived age, so we strive to provide nothing but the best!