Lakewood Explores Sunny California

Lakewood Explores California

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We heard snow was headed to Colorado, so at Lakewood Reserve, we loaded up our cars with road trip snacks, beer, wine, grapes, cheese & crackers and headed to the vineyards in sunny California! Residents explored the wacky California laws, state-specific facts, state birds, trees, mottos, and all the trivia they never knew about the Golden State. Memories were sparked as Lakewood Explores with some residents who used to live in California, or who had great memories visiting.

Lakewood Explores California on Rt 66.

Our Connections team knows there is no road trip without “Slug Bug!” So, we randomly chose one resident to be “slug bugged” – meaning they will get to select our next stop along Route 66. Stay tuned to see as Lakewood explores.

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