April Blog: The Juniper Difference is in Bloom

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Just like flowers blooming this spring, we are re-emerging and reconnecting with friends and loved ones, now that virus restrictions have lifted across the nation. After a year, Juniper is delighted to finally open its doors for in person visits, thanks to our 95%+ vaccination rates!

When visiting a Juniper Community, people often remark how special it feels. It is a place where our team of compassionate professionals nurture the spirit of life in every individual. Juniper’s award-winning Signature Programs are paired with a commitment to the belief that the keys to healthy aging are keeping fit and staying socially connected.

Juniper believes that staying connected to our friends, families, and the communities in which we live are essential elements in healthy aging. Our Connections and unique “Alive in All Seasons” programs provide a wide range of opportunities to keep mind, body, and spirit vibrant and vital.

Juniper’s H’Art and Soul of Dining imparts spirited service, companionship, and nourishment through sharing the joy of good food and a way of connecting to ourselves and others with a beautiful ambience.

Juniper recognizes the importance of integrated and coordinated care to enhance quality of life and improve clinical and functional outcomes. Connect4Life is high tech, high touch, integrated via our electronic health record system, and coordinated via a medical concierge.

Our award-winning Wellspring memory care program provides state of the art memory care and provides innovative, life-affirming therapeutic environments, and interactions. Uniquely designed to meet the needs of individuals living with pronounced memory challenges, it emphasizes individual strengths as well as supports wellness for our residents and their families.

At Juniper, associates are here for a reason bigger than themselves. Our mission is to foster active bodies, engaged minds and fulfilled spirits. This mission was inspired by Founder and CEO Lynne Katzmann’s grandmother. Oma ran her own business in the 1920s, rode a motorcycle in her mid-70s and was always ready to share her laughter, wisdom, and sheer love of life. Empowered by her example, Katzmann founded a company based on a vision of aging that sees us alive in every season of life. Oma’s story has become Juniper’s shared inspiration, one that has put Juniper among America’s foremost, long-term care providers.

Come feel the Juniper difference when you schedule a tour of one of our vibrant senior living communities. It is all of this that defines individual quality of life, and it is how we at Juniper nurture the spirit of life℠.

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