Letter from Lynne: New Guidelines Allow Vaccinated Communities to Bloom

New CMS Guidelines Visual of caregiver hugging patient

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Spring is here and more than tulips are coming out! Just this week, both the CDC and CMS issued new guidelines for visitation, engagement and masking. Most of our states have already issued statements agreeing to move forward with the recommendations.

Here’s the skinny: People who are 14 days out from their last vaccine dose can now exercise alone or with other members of their household without masking. Fully vaccinated individuals can also congregate outdoors without face coverings. Best, this also applies to outside dining with friends from multiple households who are vaccinated. These are the kinds of activities we all have sorely missed—the opportunity to break bread, share a glass of wine, or just have coffee and chat with those we love or who are simply interesting!

Juniper’s efforts to vaccinate everyone – early – are paying off. More than 95% of both our residents and team members are vaccinated. And this is system wide; even our newest TX communities have “joined the herd”! Woo hoo!
Our dining rooms, bistros, and cafés can now open. Our Connections programming can be more vibrant. Our loved ones can visit us and even hug us in our apartments! So, while the trees burst with new blossoms, we all are bursting with new energy and relief that the long winter of Covid is coming to an end.

Ever cautious, however, we will continue to monitor infection rates locally. And while no longer required, we will continue to test regularly. Finally, we will not only continue to vaccinate new residents, families, and team members but we will share our positive experience with others in the hope that the nation will soon reach real herd immunity.

– Lynne

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