Jobs in Senior Living Provide Security, Career Growth and Employee Satisfaction

Forecasters show a continuing trend for growth in job opportunities in senior living. With an estimated 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day and longer life expectancy, senior living communities are more in demand now than ever before in our nation’s history.

For those newly entering the workforce or those looking for a career change, working with seniors can be an attractive option. Far from the outdated stereotype of an institutional setting, today’s senior living community is hospitality focused, offering a concierge-style environment with a vibrant workplace and leading-edge technology

The senior living industry is growing and thriving, with a positive market outlook conducive to job security, advancement, and flexible scheduling. As one of the top industries to work in, it provides high career satisfaction and positions that fit your work style and preferences.  It offers an abundance of career paths, including culinary and hospitality services, accounting, marketing, social work, and community relations, in addition to medical professionals and wellness teams.

A career in senior living has plenty of opportunities for advancement and professional development. Juniper Communities, a respected leader and innovator in the senior living industry, has long been committed to education, training, and lifelong learning. Juniper holds training programs and offers a web-based training platform, an innovative online education resource with comprehensive life-long learning curriculums to deepen the understanding of the aging process and promote wellbeing. Its R.E.S.P.E.C.T. program fosters associate welfare and spirit through recognition and empowerment centered celebrations and trainings. Through its commitment to work-life balance and staff engagement, Juniper has developed a track record of employee satisfaction and retention.

The senior living industry is also an ideal fit for women leaders. Juniper fosters a workplace that inspires and supports women to thrive. It is proud of its role in elevating women to leadership positions, on its highly active board, and mentoring the next generation of women leaders.

Job stability, flexible hours, career paths are all benefits of working in senior living. But the rewarding work and human connection make it more than just a job. Professional caregivers have the chance to connect with older adults every day in meaningful and fulfilling ways and make a positive difference in someone’s well-being.

Company culture plays a big part in job satisfaction. “Personalization is key not only for senior wellbeing but for nurturing a positive company culture,” maintains Lynne Katzmann, CEO of Juniper Communities. “Juniper’s behaviors express our higher purpose, drive associate engagement and foster the personal and professional empowerment of our associates. We aim to provide career opportunities that offer passion and a path throughout all seasons of life.”