5 Rewarding Benefits of Memory Care for Seniors

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Did you know that more than 810,000 individuals live in assisted living communities? 

It’s projected that the population of adults older than 85 years will double by 2036. So the U.S. will need almost one million new senior living units by 2040.

Cognitive impairment conditions related to memory loss in the elderly can best be dealt with in a Memory Care community. The specialized programming and care in a memory care community are logical options for your loved one who has Alzheimer’s or dementia-related conditions. 

You can also find out if your long-term care insurance can pay for the assisted living of your loved one.

There are many benefits of using a memory care facility. Here, we discuss five advantages of memory care living.

1. Guaranteed Security

Memory care facilities provide a safe and secure surrounding for your elderly loved ones. Most of them have buildings designed to reduce confusion and prevent wandering.

The caregivers contribute to the safety of seniors by preventing them from getting into dangerous situations. That way, your loved one will undergo their secure treatment inside the facility without getting lost.

2. Customized Care Services

It can be challenging adjusting to change when transitioning into a new community. Even so, a memory care facility will make your senior relative feel like they’re home.

Most assisted living facilities encourage their residents to live with a partner, friend, or relative. You’ll also get a variety of spacious flooring plans that can get customized to your liking.

Besides, the caregivers in memory care living can offer a helping hand with activities like dressing, cleaning, and meal preparations for your loved one.

3. Specialized Programs

Every senior resident in a memory care facility is different and has varying needs and interests. Caregivers in the facility take time to welcome and understand each resident’s life story.

They identify their strengths and experiences to help them find a sense of purpose each new day. Programs get designed to match the needs of its residents, allowing them to pursue what they love.

This allows living communities opportunities to enjoy the tasks they get involved in.

4. Memory Care Activities

An assisted living facility allows your loved one access to unlimited activities that match their specific memory condition. Such activities can include cooking, gardening, or arts and crafts.

Living communities use skilled professionals to oversee these activities for the good of your loved one’s needs.

5. Help With Medications

Elderly relatives suffering from memory loss can forget to take their medications on time. Besides, they might fail to remember the correct dosages to consume.

Team members from a memory care facility will oversee your loved one’s medical administration and provide reminders when it’s time to take any medication.

Memory Care Communities

You can choose a private or a shared residence for your senior care. A good memory care community must have a dining program with three nutritious meals arranged by a licensed dietitian.

Your loved one will enjoy more socializing opportunities in an assisted living facility. This improves mental welfare and cognitive health.

Contact us for more information about memory care living and its many benefits.

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