Is it time for THAT talk? Part Three

Aging Voices Part 3

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As we continue with this series of navigating the conversation of senior living options with your loved ones, below are Safety questions that may help determine if your loved one is safe to continue living at home.

Safety Concerns
Has your loved had accidents because of weakness, dizziness, or the inability to get around?
Has use of the stove, oven, or appliances become a problem because of forgetfulness?
Are there stairs or conditions in the home that are a hazard?
Does your relative refuse to use adequate safety devices such as a walker?
Has your relative lost interest in living or expresses a desire to die?
Is your relative able to describe appropriate procedures he/she would follow in the case of emergency?
Has your relative exhibited behaviors that concern you regarding his/her ability to drive?

Nutritional Needs
Is your relative unable or unwilling to prepare meals?
Is there a demonstrated nutritional problem such as weight loss, illness, or anemia?
Does your relative eat only unhealthy foods that will not supply nutritional needs?
Does your relative forget to eat?

Personal Hygiene
Is your relative unable or unwilling to use the toilet when necessary?
Is your relative unable to change clothing or bed linens as necessary to remain clean and dry?

More than one yes in each category would strongly indicate the need to begin considering the potential for additional assistance, such as personal care, assisted living or nursing home placement, in-home help, or other 24 hour care options.

We’ll continue with additional questions in next week’s final installment of this series.

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