Smart Suites help seniors maintain control of their life in Bucks County

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Upstage Your Grandkids: Smart Suites at Juniper Senior Living Communities.

Lights … Camera … Action — as you open the curtain to embrace a new, exciting stage of your life, Juniper Village at Bucks County will be there.

Find your voice, engage your mind and see how many new adventures you can find. At Juniper, our ultimate goal is to put the future in the hands of our residents and their guests. That is exactly what the innovative Smart Suites have to offer.


You should be. We have created a living environment that not only supports some of the more common challenges mature adults face, but also takes things a step further, combining technology with comfort to create a third act for those who live here so they can live life to the fullest.

What Makes Smart Suites Right for You?

How do you imagine your third act of life? Today’s mature adults aren’t ready to throw in the towel. We are here to support this spirit and desire to do more. With our Smart Suites, you have the latest technology at your fingertips — all designed in a way to enhance your third act. Even better — each suite is customizable to meet the unique wants and needs of the person living there.

The Power Behind Juniper’s Smart Suites

Google Home is one of the hottest trending tech-products on the market today — and it continues to evolve and improve. This is the “brain” of Juniper’s Smart Suites. With Google Home in place, residents can control virtually everything in their space with a vocal command. For example, are you ready for bed? Simply use your voice to tell Google to turn off the lights. Can’t remember if you locked the door, Google can help with this as well. With the simple command of “OK Google …” users can access countless features and abilities that continue to grow.

There’s a reason Google Home is so popular — it’s not only easy to use but also fun. This small speaker provides entertainment with fun facts and jokes, relays information about the weather and traffic, and helps with actual day-to-day tasks. As a result, you maintain your independence while having a solution-oriented home — this is definitely not your typical living space for mature adults.

Keep in Touch

You likely text, email and, heck, maybe even call someone from time to time. With Smart Suites, there are plenty of easy ways to keep in touch with family and friends. With Google Home, you can quickly connect with others via email or through one of the messaging apps provided. You don’t even have to lift a finger to send a message or leave a note — talk about fast and convenient!

Remain Connected

With Smart Suites, you can stay up to date with news stories, weather, traffic and even get a rundown of the latest songs at the top of the charts. With all this just an “OK Google …” away, there’s no way you feel disconnected!

Remain Physically Active

Sitting around day after day gets boring. There’s no need to do this when you’re in a Smart Suite. You can access all sorts of fun activities that will help you remain active, healthy and – – believe it or not — happier than you’ve ever been. Your in-suite television will be connected to features allowing you to access workout videos, healthy cooking tips and more, allowing you to embrace your health — all indoors. You’ll also find ideas and tips on how to get outdoors and spend time in the sunshine.

Stay (or Get) Organized

Regardless of a person’s age, getting (and staying) organized can be a huge challenge. With Google Home, you finally have help. With calendar tools, alarms (never forget your medication again!) and other productivity features, Smart Suites ensure you make the most of every hour.

Getting to Know Your Smart Suite

The Smart Suite includes some of the most innovative technology available on the market today. While this is true, there’s nothing complicated about it. Features like your connected television are controlled by a remote, and Google Home is voice activated. These are features that only make life better. As you turn the page, entering this exciting stage of life, make sure to do so with all the modern conveniences available. Juniper is ready to deliver a third act that is all about you. Ready to learn more? Do you want a rewarding experience? If so, Juniper has the solutions you’ve been searching for. Smart Suites are available right now. Contact the Juniper community nearest you to schedule an appointment with an expert Smart Suites consultant and learn more about how the newest technology can make your life and the lives of your loved ones easier. We partner to make it happen!

Click here for more information. The official announcement can be read here.

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