Proactive Response to COVID-19

To Our Friends, Families, and the Community

We wanted to detail the measures we have put in place at Juniper to ensure the continued safety of the residents residing in our communities. Due to our residents’ increased vulnerability to COVID-19, we are managing the situation with an abundance of caution. This means that we are of course abiding by all recommendations from the CDC (US Centers for Disease Control), CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), and state regulatory agencies. These recommendations include but are not limited to:

  • “Keep Calm and Wash Your Hands”, hand washing and basic personal hygiene are paramount
  • Increased disinfection and sanitation of all public and resident spaces
  • Use of a screening tool for all individuals entering our community, this includes staff, family, vendors, providers, everyone!
  • Keen oversight of resident and staff physical status, being on alert for any changes of condition

In addition to these and other regulatory recommendations, we would like to inform you of additional steps specific to Juniper:

  • We have provided department-specific and building-wide education and training on COVID-19 prevention at all communities. This includes daily reminders and updates to all on-site staff.
  • Home office team leadership is completing daily virtual reviews and revisions of policy, procedure and practice to respond quickly to any changes
  • We have reviewed our supplies on hand and are doing everything to insure adequate stock for all communities over the next several months
  • Our community based Environmental Service teams worked diligently to review the cleaning supplies on hand and prep for future needs.
  • Increased stock of hand sanitizers for staff and guests as well as increased stock of antimicrobial soaps and personal protective equipment.
  • Encouraging use of our on-site primary care and therapy services to limit needs for visits outside the communities.
  • The community Wellness and Housekeeping teams have additional cleaning projects on a daily basis to ensure we are eliminating potential spread of the virus should it enter our buildings at any time.
  • We have made a decision as a company to stop all public events in the month of March to limit exposure risks. We will assess the need to continue this in April and coming months, based on progression of COVID-19.
  •  Our Connections teams have increased the number and types of programming available. We continue to ensure our residents have a variety of life-enriching events to participate in.
  • We are offering FaceTime and Zoom video conferencing as a way for any affected friends and families to continue to interact with their loved ones.
  • We will be offering web-based virtual events that can be streamed to the residents or guests in the community who wish to participate in those special events. We will keep you posted as future developments occur.

We recognize that these measures may cause some confusion initially; however, we must make every effort to protect our residents and the community. Thank you for your help and understanding. Please stay safe and well!